20 November 2005

Thanksgiving, Part II

My dog's pretty cute. We had a Thanksgiving party yesterday, and after we all moved to the other end of the house and were hanging out, she started to act all antsy and attention-getty. We have a command, "show me", in which she leads us to what she's wanting us to pay attention to. So, I follow her back down to the rumpus room, where we've already done a bit of cleanup, including tossing stuff in the trash.

She'd knocked over and nosed through the trash, and found.... a turkey bone! And this is what she came to get me for. Evidently, she needs mom's permission to eat something really cool - like a turkey bone! Of course, being a dog, she clearly didn't require our permission to go through the trash, and she'd already cleaned up the leftover mashed potatoes, roasted yams, and bits of salad.

I love my dog.

(By the way, turkey bones splinter and aren't good for dogs. I gave her a beef bone from the fridge instead.)


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