10 November 2005

Gay Marriage in Massachusetts

I just caught a segment from last week's The Daily Show (03 Nov) where Ed Helms interviewed Brian Camenker, an anti-gay marriage activist (How do these guys even exist?!?). Ed asked whether the quality of life in Massacchusetts has decreased (more homelessness? higher crime rates? what about the air quality?)

<sound of crickets chirping>

He also asked, "how does legalised gay marriage affect your relationship with your wife?" Brian's response was pretty telling: "That's such a ridiculous question, I don't even wanna answer".

Thinking about the ban that just got passed in Texas, I realise that my marriage to Shane is being insulted by these conservatives:
  • My marriage is not "sacred", since I don't believe in the same God they believe in. (My God is infinite, while theirs is limited by pettiness.)

  • My marriage is not about children, since we don't have any, and may never have any.

  • My marriage is about two adults loving each other and our commitment to continue to seek that love with one another.

  • My marriage is about sharing our commitment to one another in the eyes of our community. In fact,we had two ceremonies, one in Australia and one in NY, because we had two communities to include.

Given my definition of marriage, I can't see why any two adults who so wished to partake would be excluded, no matter the shape of their genitals.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, gee, this is the kind of marriage that Moira and I have. We have been married for a little over twelve years. The way I look at it, if two adults are in love, then this is one of the greatest gifts which human existence has to offer -- and it should be honored and cherished as such. To do otherwise is proof of smallness of spirit.

-- Timothy Chase

2:27 am  

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